G.L. Meccanica has set over the years important growth objectives, relying also on machinery investments in order to offer higher quality products.

Thanks to advanced machines G.L. Meccanica is able to satisfy various market needs both in terms of different machining operations and in terms of different materials.

Today G.L. Meccanica is “the” partner because, thanks to flexibility, dynamism and diversified expertise, gained through years of work and important investments in equipment and technologies, ensures the highest accuracy in machining.

The company, spread over an area of ​​1800mq indoor and 3500mq outdoor, has a large fleet of machinery constantly kept working in order to ensure the achievement of business objectives like quality of machining operations and timeliness of delivery.

All control and testing equipment are periodically checked and calibrated.

Quality is at the base of every machining operations carried out by G.L. Meccanica, every process is monitored and supervised through numerical control machines and through expert and qualified staff.